The Flying GoPro

I’ve been looking for a small quadcopter that would carry my GoPro for the last couple of years and everything I ran across was either too small or too expensive. Then one day while cruising Bargain Hunt I spied a cool case on the top shelf behind the electronics counter and asked the clerk to let me see it. Opening the case was like a scene in Repo Man when I saw this bad boy in the box and realized it already a GoPro of sorts on a gimbal and ready to rock.

Image of Typhoon Q500 quadcopter
Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K

I’d never heard of Yuneec before but it was evident that this was a serious piece of kit when I pulled it and the controller from the case. A quick search on Google confirmed that I had actually found a legitimate flying GoPro for less than the cost of a GoPro alone!

Realizing the potential of this sent waves of excitement through me as I rushed home to convince my wife to let me bring this thing home. I never expected her to be as excited about it as I was, and she wasn’t. But she couldn’t ignore my incessant ranting and raving about it and gave in, eventually.

After I got home with it I discovered that there were regulations and rules that would limit my intended use of the vehicle, so I had to calm down, way down.  We were grounded before charging the batteries for the first time.

Short of the story is I will study and become a licensed Remote Pilot in Command and then get on with the plan to add the flying cameras to the kit.

Meanwhile, I will Fly for Fun and Fun it will Be.