3DR SOLO Ahead of its time?

The 3D Robotics Solo quadcopter never quite lived up to the marketing hype before it was all but abandoned by its parents. The unfortunate disaster resulted in rock bottom pricing for the remaining inventory and put a very capable aircraft in the tool box for next to nothing. Solo wasn’t perfect, but it was about as close as it gets for that kind of money. Aftermarket support will not likely be strong but the modeling community has already found ways around some of the issues that were plaguing the initial design and hopefully this will keep the platform on life support for the foreseeable future. GPS, antenna and motor upgrades should keep this hardware viable for a while.

The software was the biggest promise and 3DR did a remarkable job with the concept and the final release was workable but Kelly Schrock further developed the code into an app called Solex that pushes those limits and makes life after death seem like a given. If someone out there can take off with other gimbaling options I’m sure we will see these ravens for a long time.




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